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Accessing your email has never been so easy! No need to remember or type in web addresses, CheckEmailsFast gives you one-click access right on a new tab page! Download Now to start accessing Gmail™, Hotmail™, and Outlook™ all with one click!

Seamless Integration

CheckEmailsFast was built to seamlessly integrate into your everyday workflow! There is no learning curve with this product. It is built in the spirit of making the internet an easily accessible place for all!

Simple To Setup

In less than 3 clicks and 1 minute, you will be setup and running with EmailAnytime™. EmailAnytime™ requires no registration, once it is installed, your new tab page will immediately be ready for you to use.

Simple Setup

1. Install Profile Install your personalized profile containing your very own email feed.

2. Get Your Emails Once you install your personalized profile, just sit back and you will start receiving your daily emails.


Once your profile is installed, there is nothing to do! However, we are here to help. Visit our About or Contact sections to get in touch.